Personal invitation to our monthly meetings in Little Rock, Arkansas

Our website gives us the ability to connect with glass collectors, glass enthusiasts, designers, decorators, dealers, and anyone else who loves Depression-Era and other glass all over the world.  We would also like to connect with all of you in the Central Arkansas area and invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings in Little Rock.

If you live in the Central Arkansas area or are willing to travel to Little Rock once a month, Peggy Todd, President of Arkansas Glasshoppers, Inc., invites you to come to one of our monthly meetings and join our fellowship of glass enthusiasts.  Check out Peggy’s videos on our YouTube channel by using the links below:

Peggy’s personal invitation from our YouTube Channel

Why you should come to a meeting

For more information, email us at,, or on our Facebook page.


What is it?


Fenton Hobnail “Gone with the Wind” Lamp

So you have glass that looks old, it’s in great shape, but you have no idea what it is!?!  Many of our members ask for assistance from other members on identifying their “finds” or pieces in their collections.  During each monthly meeting, members bring “mystery” pieces for identification assistance.  Luckily, we have a few very knowledgeable members who usually are able to identify the glass.
If you get the chance to come to our annual Glass Show & Sale held in late February or early March, we have a reference table for glass identification and allow each guest to bring up to three items for identification or evaluation.
What are some other resources?  There are many books published on glass, but these books can be hard to find.  Fortunately, quite a few of the dealers at our Glass Show & Sale sell books on Depression-Era, antique, and vintage glass and pottery.  Arkansas Glasshoppers has a fairly extensive private library collection of books on Depression-Era and antique glass and pottery that is available to members.
More and more, there are more resources available online.  On the left side of this website, we have included links for resources recommended by our members.  FaceBook also has good resources.  Check out these links:
If you know what your pattern is, FaceBook can be a great resource for finding additional information about it because there are many FaceBook pages dedicated to one specific pattern of glass.  Thank you, Sallie, for shedding some light on this issue!