About Arkansas Glasshoppers, Inc.

Arkansas Glasshoppers, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation that was founded on February 16, 1985.  The purpose of this club is to:
(1)  Increase interest, enjoyment, and knowledge of Depression-era glass and other collectibles of this era;
(2)  Preserve Depression-era glass;
(3)  Broaden our knowledge of Depression-era glass history and evolution;
(4)  Participate in civic activities educating others about Depression-era glass heritage; and
(5)  Assist new collectors through membership.
The purpose of this website is to provide an international portal to share information about Depression-era glass and the activities of the Arkansas Glasshoppers, Inc.
Glass enthusiasts of all ages in Arkansas should consider joining the Arkansas Glasshoppers Club.  The group provides a forum for glass enthusiasts to come together and share information and finds.  The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.
Our 2015-2016 officers are:

Peggy Todd, President

Laura Lavender, Vice-President

Linda Vance, Secretary

JoAnn Coleman, Treasurer

All work and services provided by Arkansas Glasshoppers, Inc., is done by volunteers.  If you would like more information, you can email us at ARGlasshoppers@aol.com or ARGlasshoppers@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.  We do not share or sell any information that you provide us.

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